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The success of any business hinges on regulation compliance and having access to the right resources. This becomes especially important when it comes to verifying licensing and credentials for employees, especially those in finance, healthcare, and other industries where compliance is required. At Certemy, we provide an automated platform that streamlines and simplifies license tracking and verification so that businesses can stay ahead of regulatory requirements and minimize risk.

Managing employee licenses and certifications is an arduous process for any human resource operation. Regulatory boards change and require many reissuances or verifications of licenses. Businesses must invest time and resources into staying compliant and avoid costly fines for regulatory orders or sanctions. Without an automated license tracking and verification system, companies are often left with incomplete and out-dated records, which not only affect their bottom-line but also hinder productivity.

Certemys license verification platform offers unparalleled control, visibility, and savings. Organizations can gain complete visibility into their workforce’s regulatory compliance with primary source verification. Automated tracking and management of the license validity ensure that employee credentials are current and properly renewed at any given time. Certemys platform is trusted by several of the largest U.S. employers who have saved time and improved staff utilization with its utilization.

The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Automation of license application processes provides significant time-savings and improves the accuracy of the compliance documentation. Certemy also integrates valuable data insights which are centered around employee profile accuracy, legal compliance, and employeestatus.

The real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials through Certemys platform provides organizations a bird’s eye view of their compliance regulatory requirements. It also ensures companywide compliance with improved visibility. Companies can easily control user and access levels within the platform to preserve the integrity of the information.

Certemys automated license verification system is perfect for any organization, big or small, that requires a simple, yet effective solution to meet compliance requirements. Businesses can now take control of their operation with one platform that combines risk management and compliance mitigation. Certemys platform is user friendly and backed by a secure infrastructure, data civilian-grade encryption, and primary source verified data feeds for added assurance.


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