License Verification Tool | D.N.Sc. or DNS – Doctor of Nursing Science

Securing the veracity and status of licenses for employees in the healthcare field is an essential step for any human resource department to ensure compliance. This is especially true for highly esteemed credentials such as the Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS). Thus, when integrating a license tracking platform, human resources departments must ensure that it is capable of verifying credentials for this particular qualification.

The challenge of verifying DNS credentials lies in the complexity of protocols from governing bodies in different jurisdictions for actively licensed DNS holders. On top of this, primary source verification must involve routine background checks to verify license status and criteria in order to meet compliance standards. Automated, cloud-based license tracking software can be an ideal solution for DNS credential verification tasks for human resource departments.

Certemy is an SaaS workplace compliance platform that helps employers automate license tracking and verification of credentials for DNS holders across a variety of jurisdictions. It has become a leader in license tracking software with an automated primary source verification system to ensure DNS credentials are renewed and free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from Certemy, allowing them to control their workforce compliance programs as well as give them visibility and control of their employee credentials. With this software, daily monitoring of employee license statuses is made effortless. Teams are better able to manage and track licenses and credentials in one system, while the automated license application processes can greatly accelerate the onboarding of new DNS holders.

Certemy is relied upon by some of the largest employers in the US to enhance workforce utilization as well as save time and have reliable compliance oversight. This system is instrumental in providing compliance standards which are essential in healthcare accreditation.

Having an automated license tracking system for the DNS credential is important for any healthcare organization of any type so that it can stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements. Knowing that the credentials of DNS holders in the organization are real-time tracked is essential for any human resource operations.


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