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Compliance plays an integral role in healthcare employers’ operations, covered by state and federal legislation. As a compliance lead for a healthcare employer, selecting the right licensing and certification Verification system is critical to confirming that approved personnel have active licenses and certifications appropriate to their roles. Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system designed to help organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

When it comes to verifying nurses and other healthcare professionals’ licenses and certifications, Certemy provides the most comprehensive solution. This automated system eliminates manual processes and drastically reduces the administrative burden while ensuring compliance with government regulations. Certified Academic Clinical Nurse Educators can streamline the verification process by using a Certemysystem to quickly validate credentials.

Certemys License Verification system is the perfect solution for organizations seeking to automate the entire process of verifying licenses and certification for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Certemys automated primary source verification system is designed for organizations of any size. This system rapidly searches an organizations personnel database and then validates the licenses and certification of those personnel. It also notifies organizations when personnel’s license or certification information has expired or become invalid. Organizations have full visibility and can control their workforce compliance program. This system can be tailored to smaller organizations, medical practices, and large healthcare providers, providing different levels of licensing and certification management.

Organizations can track and manage licenses and certifications more easily with Certemys License Verification system relying on automated license tracking and source verification. This system provides real-time tracking of employee credentials in a single system of record, improving team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. With Certemy, organizations can manage and maintain an accurate record of employee credentials in an efficient and secure manner.

Built upon a secure cloud platform, Certemys License Verification system can integrate with the organizations existing systems. This helps to automate the license application process and ensures that the licenses of personnel are always kept up to date. Additionally, organizations can leverage existing workflows configured to fit their needs to better manage their license application processes.

When it comes to healthcare employers and license verification, Certemy provides the best solution for organizations looking to automate the entire licensing and certification process. Through automated license tracking, accurate source verification, and integrated workflows, Certemy provides organizations with streamlined license compliance that meets the highest industry standards.


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