License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Pediatric (Renewal Only)

Certemy is an automated primary source Verification system trusted by large US employers to maintain accurate license and certification records. The system saves time and improves staff utilization by allowing employers to keep track of employee licenses and credentials in real-time, remain ahead of regulatory Compliance, and leverage pre-built workflows that are configurable to automate license application processes.

When healthcare professionals need to provide care on behalf of a facility, maintaining accurate license information is a critical part of ensuring patient safety. In the pediatric acute and critical care unit, having access to an efficient and accurate verification system becomes essential in providing the highest standard of care.

Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialists in the Pediatric unit are healthcare professionals with the experience, qualifications, and specialized knowledge to treat, diagnose, and provide clinical care to critically ill patients. In order to remain valid and active in this role, those Clinical Nurse Specialists must renew their licensure before the certification expires.

As this type of healthcare professional is often in high demand, It is essential they have access to a reliable and accurate verification system to ensure their license does not lapse during renewal. Through Certemy, pediatric clinicians can quickly and easily validate their license is up-to-date with the appropriate accreditation bodies.

Certemys automated license verification platform integrates with existing staff databases to ensure that license and certification information is correct and updated across all necessary departments and employees have the most recent licenses. This efficient tracking system provides real-time data and mitigation alerts to ensure that healthcare professionals are always current and in compliance with all necessary credentials.

Additionally, Certemys primary source verification system allows for streamlined tracking and management of an individual’s license and certifications all in one system of record. Periodic renewal reminders are sent prior to license expiration and the audit trail is built and kept to verify that all licenses are up-to-date and any discrepancies or changes are documented in the system.

The primary source verification ensures that employers stay up-to-date with their licensure needs and greatly improves team productivity. This process-driven workflow platform can be easily assigned, tracked, and managed, all from the user-friendly dashboard. Certemy makes it easier to access the necessary license and certification policies so employers can rest assured that all employees are properly adhering to the required credentials.

When it comes to providing high-level care for critically ill pediatric patients, having accurate license and credential information is integral to the successful operation of the staffing environment. Certemy is the premier system for keeping on top of license renewals and staying ahead of regulatory compliance for healthcare professionals in the pediatric acute and critical care unit.

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