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As health care professionals come to realize just how important wound care is for helping patients get back on their feet, the need for certified wound care nurses is growing. But not just anyone can become a certified wound care nurse. These professionals must meet the established standards for their state and often must demonstrate that they have adhered to maintaining and renewing their license in a timely fashion. That?s where license verification tools come in. Compliance optimized license verification is helping health care organizations streamline the process of cultivating a pool of highly-qualified wound care nurses who meet the mandatory requirements for specialized certification.

Intuitive, automated primary source license verification is quickly becoming a must-have for large health care organizations and hospitals that are dependent on an actively certified pool of medical professionals. By providing employers with the ability to instantly verify that certified wound care nurses are current in their licenses and certifications, employers can quickly add respirators to their staff and stay ahead of the competition.

The process of verifying each wound care nurse?s credentials can be tedious and time consuming, but with new automated license verification tools, the process becomes easier and more efficient. WithCertemy, for example, employers have the ability to check the credentials of individual candidates or organize an entire team of wound care nurses to ensure that all qualifications have been met. Employers can also use Certemy to ensure that they are up to date on the latest regulatory changes for wound care nurse certification.

One of the key advantages to Certemys automated license verification system is the ability to quickly and accurately verify qualifications. The platform utilizes multiple primary sources to verify credentials, which makes it easy for employers to trust the accuracy of the verification process. This saves them time and money, as well as reducing their risk for significant liability should a certified wound care nurse be found to be out of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Certemy also offers additional features, such as automated license tracking and a system of record. This further reduces organizations? time and money spent manually verifying each nurse?s credentials. Moreover, the platform streamlines the license application process and makes it easier to manage confirmation of qualifications in true real-time fashion.

Perhaps the most useful feature within Certemys platform is the ability to configure license application processes with pre-built workflows, making it easier while taking all the guesswork out of the process. This gives organizations the ability to customize their compliance processes to meet their individual needs, while also protecting their staff from potential risks.

Ultimately, certificated wound care nurse certification is essential for ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care. With automated license verification tools, health care organizations can rest assured that they are getting the best of the best when it comes to wound care nurses, regardless of the size of their staff. This gives organizations the confidence to make sure their patients are taken care of as soon as possible.


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