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Certification in managed care nursing is a voluntary, specialized field that focuses on delivering quality healthcare services to patients who are enrolled in various types of managed care plans. Professionals who are certified in this type of nursing must maintain their certification through continued education, license Verification, and knowledge of the managed care field.

Certification in the managed care nursing field is offered through various organizations, and the most common certification is through the American Academy of Managed Care Nursing (AAMCN). While this certification does not make a nurse a specialist in the field, it does demonstrate knowledge of the industry and it can help nurses advance their careers. To earn the certification, the nurse must pass both a written and clinical exam.

In order to maintain the certification, the nurse must complete continuing education credits and obtain license verification. License verification is a system used by state boards of nursing to ensure that all individuals who hold licenses as nurses are up-to-date on their professional training and credentials. It is important to note that these requirements vary by state board of nursing, so it is important to be aware of the specific requirements in the state where certification is desired.

To ensure that nurses are up-to-date on their license verification, employers and other certifying bodies require that nurses verify their license at least every two years. This verification is completed by contacting the relevant state board of nursing and providing proof of renewal. Additionally, the nurse must provide proof of any continuing education credits that have been earned, such as a certificate of completion or transcript.

In addition to verifying a nurse?s license, employers and other certifying bodies may also require that a nurse obtain primary source verification for his or her certification in managed care nursing. Primary source verification is a process in which a certifying body works with the relevant state board of nursing to ensure that the nurse actually possesses the credentials and that they are accurately represented on the nurse?s license. Without primary source verification, a nurse?s certificate may not be valid.

Finding the right license verification system can be a challenge for employers and certifying bodies, as it is important to find one that is compliant with all applicable state laws and regulations. Certemy is a leader in license verification, with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees. Certemy provides complete visibility and control of your certification Compliance program and helps ensure that your workers? credentials are up-to-date and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Certemys advanced license tracking and primary source verification ensures that your company is able to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and that you are able to create and manage workflows that are specific to each state or organization.

Overall, license verification is an important part of managing certification in managed care nursing. The use of an automated system can save time and money by ensuring that credentials are accurately represented, that they meet the necessary requirements, and that they are free of any disciplinary actions. In addition, an automated system helps ensure that your companiestays ahead of regulatory compliance and is able to streamline the process of verifying occupational licenses and certifications.


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