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Licensed professionals in important fields such as healthcare are expected to obey certain standards of practice and regulations set by their profession and local government. As such, employers in the healthcare industry need to ensure that their workers have the necessary medical credentials and are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. How do they go about doing this? By implementing a robust system for tracking and verifying the medical licenses of their employees like Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care (CPPNP-AC).

Primary source verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of medical credentials via direct contact with the appropriate issuing body. It is a reliable method of confirming if an individual is qualified to practice and whether or not they are currently meeting the professional standards set by his or her profession or local government. With licenses and professional certifications, it is necessary to use a primary source verification methodology to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Certemy is a leading automated license verification solution that can help employers implement an effective system of primary source verification for their healthcare professionals, such as CPPNP-AC. With Certemy, employers can easily track and manage their employees? licenses and certificates, while staying ahead of regulatory compliance. It provides real-time tracking of all credentials and a ?one system of record? for all license verification activities.

Certemy enables healthcare employers to reduce costs and time associated with the license verification process. It features a wide range of customizable workflows to automate the process and ensure accuracy. Additionally, it can integrate with other HR systems, such as payroll, to increase efficiency and streamline operations.

Certemy is designed with ease-of-use and scalability in mind, and its user-friendly, intuitive design makes it easy for employers to keep tabs on their license verifications in a fast and reliable manner. It also offers a host of features to improve team productivity and visibility across their organization.

For healthcare employers looking to ensure their employees meet the required standards of practice and are compliant with relevant laws and regulations, implementing an automated license and certification verification system like Certemy is a must. It provides a cost and time efficient way of ensuring accuracy and allows employers to track their license verifications in real-time.


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