License Verification Tool | HIV/AIDS Certified Registered Nurse

HIV/AIDS certified registered nurses are essential healthcare professionals who provide essential care to patients suffering from the illness. To ensure the health and safety of their patients, employers must make sure their nurses are properly certified. This certification must be verified and kept up-to-date by employers to guarantee the highest quality of care to their patients.

The traditional license verification process is often time-consuming, complex and inefficient. Primary source verification, where employers compare certificates to a central official registry, can take days or weeks to complete and invalidating any inefficient licenses. This can be a costly mistake and impede a nurse’s ability to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Certemy is an innovative license verification service that eliminates the need for manual primary source verification. Certemys automated system verifies occupational licenses, certifications and credentials across employee profiles in real-time. This saves employers time and money while ensuring that their staff are qualified and compliant with regulatory guidelines.

Certemys system uses advanced algorithms to validate licenses and certifications, confirming that they are active, renewed on time and free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. At the same time, the system offers a complete visibility and control of employee compliance programs. Managers know exactly what credentials their nurses have and can track any changes or issues in real time. This helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce any unnecessary risks.

Certemy also simplifies the employee onboarding process, allowing employers to track licenses and certifications in one easy system of record. For quick and efficient compliance, Certemy has a suite of pre-built and fully configurable workflows. This allows organizations to easily create applications for new licenses, streamlining the onboarding process.

Certemy is trusted by the largest US companies to save time, reduce risk and improve utilization of staff. It is the ideal way for employers to efficiently manage the license verification of their nursing staff and guarantee prompt and safe care for their patients.


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