License Verification Tool | Certified Dialysis Licensed Vocational Nurse

As employers come to understand the importance of verifying occupational licenses, they turn to various systems to handle verifying multiple certifications. Certemy is one of the leading license Verification providers for employers, offering an automated system that efficiently verifies occupational licenses and certifications, providing complete visibility and control of their Compliance program.

Certemy puts organizations in the best position for regulatory compliance, with automation license tracking, primary source verification, and real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. It improves team productivity and visibility across the entire organization, with pre-built workflows that are completely configurable to ensure license applications are correctly processed.

For certified dialysis licensed vocational nurses, Certemy provides auditors with peace of mind that licensed professionals are always working to their highest potential. Primary source verification helps employers confirm that their staff is up-to-date and free of any disciplinary actions, with audit history records on file as well as verification of registration and immigration.

Organizations using Certemy benefit from the one system of record, with 180-day license monitoring and expiration alerts sent out to managers and audit team members. With its automated license tracking and completion statuses, the employer has total visibility over their workforce compliance program. Alerts are sent out to ensure compliance documentation is always up to date and organizations remain audit-ready.

To top it off, Certemy allows employers to add custom questions for review when vetting any certified dialysis licensed vocational nurses. This ensures assurance that all necessary qualifications are met and covered, with employee profiles providing employers direct access to their staff?s compliance documentation and certifications in one touchpoint, increasing staff utilization.

Certemy is the perfect system to cover all of the employment compliance needs of skilled nurses with the help of their automated primary source verification system. Organizations using Certemy are able to maintain an audit-ready status and keep their employees up to date with all necessary certifications, gaining complete and full transparency of their workforce compliance program.


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