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From legal Compliance to safety protocols, foot care nurses must adhere to stringent requirements to ensure they can continue to practice safely. Certifications and licenses from organizations such as the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics (ABCOP) and the Licensure and Certification Division (LCD) require regular renewals and accurate tracking procedures. But with so many steps and requirements, what can a facility do to efficiently track certifications and remain compliant?

The answer lies in automated license Verification. Automated license verification is a type of software application used to review and verify foot care nurse licensure information from primary sources, as well as track license renewal compliance. This can significantly improve compliance as the software reduces manual errors and eliminates time-consuming paperwork.

In this guide, we will discuss the value of automated license verification, the fundamentals of using it, and best practices for maintaining data compliance.

What is Automated License Verification?

Automated license verification is a software application used to verify and track the license and certification requirements of foot care nurses in the United States. It is used to streamline the license tracking process, reducing the need to manually review paperwork, confirm certifications, and send reminders. Foot care nurseries can use automated license verification to improve accuracy and reduce risk.

One of the main benefits of automated license verification is its ability to access primary sources, such as the ABCOP, LCD, and other licensing databases, to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date. The software can also flag duplicate information, enforce standard coding, and update license statuses.

The automated license verification process begins by entering the foot care nurse and associated license information into the software. This unlocks a variety of tools, such as document creation, staff reports, and audits, that addresses important license-specific details. It also reduces data entry duplicate errors and eliminates paperwork.

Why Should You Use Automated License Verification?

Automated license verification is the most efficient method for helping foot care nurses stay compliant. It reduces the amount of time and effort needed to review and update licensure data. Automated license verification also allows for regular and real-time updates, which helps reduce risk for the facility.

Traditionally, verifying and tracking licenses requires staff to manually review paperwork, confirm certifications, and make changes when necessary. This manual process can take up valuable time and resources, and delaying license renewals can result in significant penalties. Automated license verification streamlines this process, reducing paperwork and freeing up staff time for other tasks.

Additionally, automated license verification helps reduce risk associated with making manual errors. Manual errors can lead to significant penalties or disciplinary actions, which makes automated verification a key part of any compliance program. Automated license verification also helps improve staff utilization and protect patient safety.

Best Practices for Automated License Verification

Automated license verification offers a number of features and advantages to help improve compliance. Here are a few best practices to ensure the process is successful and efficient:

Choose a trusted licensure software provider. Review the provider?s primary source verification capabilities and select one that can access the ABCOP, LCD, and other licensing databases.

Identify the staff members that will be responsible for entering foot care nurse information into the software. It is important to assign this responsibility to a qualified, reliable, and trustworthy staff member.

Ensure staff members are aware of the software?s capabilities and how to access primary sources. Staff should also know how to handle errors, make changes, and respond to compliance issues.

Set clear deadlines for approving and renewing licenses. Send reminder notifications to staff to ensure timely renewals.

Make sure the software is regularly backed up and updated to ensure the license information remains accurate.

Ensure that data security standards are met. As the software will contain sensitive information, ensure that staff have the proper access to only the data they need.

Audit the process regularly to ensure accurate data is being entered and tracked.


For foot care nurseries, automated license verification is a must-have piece of technology. It streamlines the license tracking process and ensures accuracy. It also helps reduce paperwork, enforce standard coding, and update license statuses. Through automated license verification, foot care nurseries can significantly improve compliance and protect patient safety. By following the best practices outlined above, nurseries can ensure the process is successful and efficient.


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