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Licensed Practical Nurse Primary Source Verification: Automated Tracking, Reporting and Compliance

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) play an essential role in healthcare, providing direct care to patients with a wide variety of conditions and treatments. LPNs provide invaluable care for the sick, injured, or disabled under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor. As such, most employers will require LPNs to submit proof of their licensure when searching for employment.

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process that verifies credentialing information from the original source. Organizations that employ LPNs must verify that their professional licenses are up-to-date and in good standing before hiring. This includes ensuring the licenses have not been suspended, revoked, or lapsed for any reason.

The manual process of verifying a nurse?s credentials is incredibly time-consuming and prone to error. To ensure compliance, organizations can benefit from a reliable primary source verification system. An automated PSV system can provide comprehensive and real-time license tracking with up-to-the-minute verification and compliance reporting. This provides organizations with greater visibility of their licensing requirements, enabling them to stay atop of regulatory demands.

License verification is especially crucial in the current climate for LPNs. As healthcare facilities face increasingly challenging staffing demands, organizations must be able to confirm an LPN?s qualifications and history during the onboarding and hiring process.

Certemy is a leading provider of license verification automation that streamlines the process of verifying credentials. By automating the PSV process, Certemy makes it easy to validate occupational licenses and certifications from the original source, ensuring accuracy without the manual effort. Their proprietary system performs real-time tracking of employee licenses and other credentials in a single system of record.

Certemy also offers customizable workflows to streamline license applications. With an automated system in place, organizations can keep on top of their compliance obligations and automate common administrative tasks such as issuing licenses, checking duplicate applications and ensuring up-to-date information from the original source.

In addition to fast and accurate license tracking, Certemy offers a comprehensive compliance dashboard with detailed reporting of license statuses. This provides organizations with a snapshot of their compliance requirements across their entire workforce.

For large organizations, managing the licensing requirements of a large number of employees can be daunting, but with Certemys automated PSV system, compliance is no longer a challenge. Their system tracks and manages licenses and certifications in a real-time and secure manner. This allows for transparency and ensures all licenses and certifications remain updated and in compliance.

In short, organizations employing LPNs can improve their operations and mitigate risk by leveraging the power of automated license tracking and primary source verification. Trusted by some of the largest employers in the USA, Certemy enables organizations to save time, stay ahead of regulatory requirements, and improve team productivity and visibility.


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