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Verifying and staying ahead of regulatory requirements for employee licensure and certifications can be challenging for Compliance teams. Although necessary to ensure employee excellence and operational success, it can be a manual and timely task. Certemy offers a license Verification service to provide a streamlined solution.

Certemy furnishes a comprehensive approach to primary source verification that validates occupational licenses and certifications for your workforce, ensuring they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary action. With Certemy, you can gain full visibility and control of your compliance program.

Stay in Compliance with Automated License Verification

Certemy gives you automated license tracking and primary source verification so you can stay ahead of the regulatory game. A trusted system used by some of the largest employers in the US, Certemy allows you to save time and mitigate risks with a single system of record for real-time tracking of licenses and credentials. This helps improve team productivity and visibility across your organization.

Configurable Workflows Improve License Applications

Certemy also offers pre-built workflows that are adjustable to any organization to help automate the license application process. Compliance teams can rapidly approve licenses so that employee credentials are updated instantly and you can keep up with applicable regulations. From paperwork to registered licenses, Certemy creates a more organized, efficient system for license and credential management.

Secure and Streamlined Solution for Professional Licenses

Certemy is an easy, secure, and efficient solution for managing license and credential information for employees. It istreamlines the process of verifying employee licenses, certificates, and credentials, helpling organizations save time and energy typically spent on these manual processes.

Certemy makes it easy to build detailed and customized workflows for license application processes, and offers full visibility into real-time tracking of credentials. In this way, you can ensure that your organization is up to date with regulatory requirements and that your team always has an accurate record of professional licenses.


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