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Certemy is leading the way when it comes to primary source verification technology for occupational licenses and certifications. It is an automated system that helps organizations stay firmly ahead of all regulatory compliance issues related to licensing their staff. It isaves time, money, and resources, as well as providing a stress-free way to ensure regulatory compliance.

With Certemy, real-time tracking of all personnel licenses is at your fingertips, making it ideal for any company with too many employees to manage the verification process effectively by hand. It also helps teams to keep productive and efficient by configuring pre-built workflows that make automating license application processes easy and efficient. In short, this is the kind of technology that helps businesses to stay on track and veterans of industry to stay ahead of the game.

For companies that are serious about the proper licensing of their staff, It is a no-brainer. Strict compliance guidelines ? both statutory and ethical are a reusable reality every day, and Certemy is the way to provide the monitoring that HR departments need. It is a great tool that provides organizations with peace of mind and certainty of that all of their staff have a valid and up-to-date license ? 100% of the time.

What Does Certemy Do?

Firstly, It is important to point out that this isn’t just a licensing approval workflow system. Certemy also offers integrated reporting which leads to improved staff utilization, at a glance visibility of workforce compliance and the lifetime management of personnel credits and earned credentials.

Certemy takes the worry out of managing and tracking licenses. With a single system of record, businesses can relax in the knowledge that all of their employee licenses are safe and accounted for and can be returned to within seconds, should there be the need.

Moreover, tracking is completely automated and both system audits and government compliance processes are integrated, helping to ensure that your business is always compliant and that your staff have the correct licenses for their job roles.

Maximizing Staff Productivity

It is easy to see why businesses are turning to technology to help in streamlining license tracking and management. Employee applications can often take a long time to process and it can be a costly and time consuming exercise.

Certemy takes the hassle out of license tracking and management, by providing a streamlined system that automates processes such as eligibility filings. It is also great for department managers thanks to delegated permissioning. This feature is designed for managers to delegate individual license responsibilities to staff ? making the internal review process easier and simpler, saving them further time and effort.

Peace of Mind

In addition to helping managers with running a more efficient and productive team, Certemy also gives organizations the peace of mind that all of their employees have and maintain the correct licenses for their job.

Certemy has implemented a number of proactive measures to keep organizations ahead of any compliance issues that may arise. In addition to tracking and monitoring employee licenses, Certemy also offers background checks, periodic verification of license renewal, identity verification, and automated license renewal reminders.

Closing Thoughts

Certemy is the perfect choice for those looking for a first-class license verification tool, that help to keep organizations compliant and saves team members a lot of time and headaches in the verification and renewal process. Companies can relax in the knowledge that their license and credential management is taken care of and under control.


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