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The successful operations of any business are contingent on the ability to maintain regulatory compliance in an ever-changing landscape. In the US, employee licensing requirements are determined both federally and on a state-by-state basis. To manage licensing compliance, companies require an automated primary source verification system that can alert them of expired or revoked licenses, and sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Certemy is a trusted leader in license verification, helping organizations across the US streamline license tracking and enhance compliance across all aspects of employee licensing, from application to renewal. Its automated primary source verification system allows organizations to validate employee licenses and certifications, providing comprehensive visibility and control of the workforce?s compliance program.

Verify Licensing Compliance Quickly and Accurately

Certemys primary source verification system works by monitoring employee license statuses across all 50 US states, ensuring that any necessary action items are quickly identified and addressed. This solution is designed to minimize the manual effort and time associated with compliance activities and ensure that employee licenses remain active and up-to-date.

Organizations are quickly and easily able to track, monitor, and manage the full employee licensing lifecycle. Automated alerts and notifications remind staff when licenses or certifications are about to expire, saving HR teams time and hassle. In addition, Certemy offers regulatory intelligence with real-time updates on emerging licensing requirements, ensuring that organizations remain strongly compliant at all times.

Stay On Top of Regulatory Compliance

Certemy offers numerous benefits to employers attempting to comply with employee licensing regulations. Beyond primary source verification, the platform offers pre-built workflows that can be fully configured to automate the license application process. With centralization of employee data, companies gain complete visibility and control over their compliance program, ensuring that the most accurate and up-to-date information is always available.

The platform is ideal for any organization looking to maintain a compliance program that works faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Certemy is a powerful tool for reducing manual processes and mitigating risk ? ensuring that organizations are proactively compliant and always on top of the latest licensing trends and requirements.


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