Compliance Automation Software

Without a licensing management software solution, it can be difficult to accurately predict and manage IT costs. Human error can lead to a costly overspend, while recurrent manual efforts of software imports and exports, and non-standardized coding can impact system performance. An automated solution offers the benefits of consistency and accuracy and a cloud-based system provides secure data storage and anytime access.

For example, requesting and approving software licenses, and then creating and organizing the associated documentation is a lengthy process. With a licensing management software, the process is streamlined and paperless, enabling HR to quickly and easily organize the license request workflow with an associated revision control and communication platform.

Additionally, HR can benefit from the ability to assemble a robust inventory of all software in use and take advantage of automated license reconciling to ensure compliance at any given time. This can help save time and money, enabling an HR department to budget efficiently and eliminating the need for expensive license audits to avoid overspending.

It is clear that leveraging licensing management software provides substantial long-term benefits for an organization. It streamlines workflow, minimizes the risk of overspending, and saves time. Automated tools simplify the license request, management, and compliance process, and create a standardized process to ensure compliance year over year. Without question, the cost of investing in the efficiency and accuracy of a licensing management software solution is well worth the return it will provide over time.