License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Nursing (Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal)

Faced with ever-changing regulations, healthcare organizations must ensure that their nursing staff?s professional certifications remain active and up-to-date. Otherwise, they risk finding their operations disrupted due to unexpected license sanctions and/or lapses. To keep abreast of the applicable regulations and to maintain regulatory Compliance, healthcare organizations must implement a comprehensive license Verification system.

Certemy is a premier license verification platform that offers advanced license tracking and validation capabilities to ensure healthcare operations maintain compliance with federal, state and local regulations. The software facilitates accurate license verification through the automation of license tracking and primary source verification. Healthcare organizations can leverage Certemys secure platform to monitor the validity of their nursing staff?s licenses on an ongoing basis.

Certemys license verification solution provides a comprehensive view of an organizations compliance obligations. It can be deployed to quickly and accurately validate the certifications of nurses and other allied health professionals. The platform allows for easy monitoring of clinical staff requirements, ensuring that licenses remain valid and employees are credentialed correctly. Certemys easy-to-use system automates the license application process, significantly reducing the burden on healthcare organizations which results from compliance obligations.

Certemy keeps tracks of the various certifications, licenses, and credentials of healthcare professionals, providing visibility across the entire organization and ensuring that all licenses and credentials remain active. The dashboard gives an overview of licensed staff, their credentials, and expiration dates. The platform also automates license renewal notifications and processes, thereby keeping all licenses up-to-date. Additionally, Certemy also provides access to detailed audit reports providing full visibility of the employee credentialing process.

Certemys automated primary source verification solution streamlines the license validation process and saves time for healthcare organizations. The platform is trusted and used by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, to reduce risk, and to improve staff utilization.

Certemys license verification system is suitable for acute and critical care nursing (adult, pediatric, and neonatal professional staff). The solution enables healthcare organizations to improve team productivity, receive alerts when licenses expire, and instantly verify and update new credentials. Furthermore, the automated license application process saves administrative resources and reduces the burden of manual license maintenance.


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