License Verification Tool | Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

One of the most important steps in any healthcare organizations human resource operations is ensuring that nurses? licensing and certifications are properly authenticated. Primary source Verification is an absolute must when it comes to quality and safety in acute care settings, as well as for regulatory Compliance. Certemys automated license verification system is a trusted and cost-effective solution to keep your acute care nurse practitioners compliant with current best practices.

Certemys license verification system is a comprehensive platform that allows employers and administrators to easily track, manage, and confirm their employees? licenses and certifications on a real-time basis. Automatically receiving licensure and certification updates directly from primary sources, Certemys verification system provides human resource and compliance staff with full transparency to ensure their overall workforce is compliant with standards and regulations.

Certemys automated license verification system helps healthcare administrators remain compliant with minimal effort, while allowing them to maximize their total staff utilization. With Certemys license verification system, they can add custom workflows and configure them to meet their individual business requirements. Automation within the workflows helps reduce compliance errors, simplify license application processes, and optimize staff productivity. Plus, as an employer, you have the added bonus of being ahead of the game when it comes to compliance regulations.

Certemys license and certfication verification system is designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations, delivering ease-of-use and peace of mind. Certemys automated solutions provide smart tracking and advanced primary source verification capabilities, making it one of the most trusted and reliable license verification systems in the industry. With Certemy, they have been able to help some of the largest US employers save time, reduce risk, and accurately ensure that their nurses are licensed and compliant with all regulations.

Acute care settings heavily depend on the credentials and qualifications of their nurse practitioners, making license and certification verification especially important and necessary. Employers can rely on Certemy to easily and quickly verify their nurse practitioners? licenses and certifications, maximizing efficiency and accuracy. With just the click of a button, you can rest assured that your employees are fully charged and current with their required licenses and certifications.

Trust Certemys powerful, automated processing to quickly validate occupational licensures and certifications across your entire organization and keep you focused on meeting the needs of your patients.


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