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In the fast-paced business environment of today, it has become critical for employers to remain up-to-date with their employee license and certification status. Keeping track of employee credentials is essential for planning long-term workforce development as well as staying compliant with regulations and industry standards. But managing the paperwork associated with complicated license and certification Verifications can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Certemy is a comprehensive and automated platform that simplifies the process of license and certification verification.

Primary Source Verification

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. With Certemys automated primary source verification, employers have peace of mind that their employee credentials are legitimate and up-to-date with the most accurate information available from the sources issuing the licenses and certificates.

Management & Visibility

Certemy provides complete visibility and control of your workforce Compliance program, allowing you to automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification. With Certemy, you can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and securely store employee licenses and credentials in one system of record with real-time tracking.

Improved Team Productivity

Certemy helps to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. Leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes and reduce duplication of effort. By automating the process of identity verification, employers have the tools they need to make informed decisions faster and streamline their personnel processes.

Ensuring Compliance

Employers can rest easy with the knowledge that Certemys automated verification system is ensuring that licensing and certifications are valid and current. With the convenience of secure cloud-based storage for all employee documents, employers don?t have to worry about filing and managing paper documents in scattered filing cabinets.


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