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The success of any business in Todays tech-driven world depends largely upon the reliable verification of its workforce?s occupational licenses and certifications. It is only through a comprehensive approach to license and certification verification that companies can ensure they are compliant with all regulations and requirements, and that their employees are appropriately qualified to perform their assigned roles with confidence.

To address the evolving need of businesses to verify their workforce?s occupational licenses and certifications, Certemy has developed an automated primary source verification system. This innovative system acts as a central hub for compliance where employers are given complete visibility and control over the status of their employee licenses and certifications.

Certemy ensures employers are able to accurately track and manage licenses and certifications while staying ahead of any potential regulatory compliance issues. The system includes various features designed to help improve team productivity and overall visibility across the entire organization.

Real-Time Status Checking:

Certemy offers an innovative system to employers that provides real-time information and updates about the status of each employees license and certification. This system eliminates the need for manual tracking and verification, allowing for immediate action when any license or certification is set to expire or are subject to disciplinary action. This system also offers automated alerts whenever any license or certification is set to expire, so that employers can take the necessary action to ensure that their workforce is up to date on their certification requirements.

Alerts and Notifications:

In addition to real-time tracking and status checking, Certemy also has an automated notification system. Through this system, employers will automatically receive notifications regarding any changes in employee license or certification status. This system allows for quicker response times and improved overall productivity.

Automated Workflows & Tracking:

Certemystreamlines the license and certification application process, offering pre-built workflows that are fully customizable. This system ensures that employers are able to quickly and accurately submit applications while also keeping track of their employees? certification status. As a result, employers are provided with the assurance that their workforce is meeting all requirements.

By using Certemy for license and certification verification, employers are given the insights and data needed to remain compliant with the various regulations and requirements set by the government. This system also allows for quick and easy tracking of employee licenses and certifications, ensuring that employers are always able to verify their workforce remains in a compliant state.


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