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Compliance with licensing rules and regulations is a vital part of any organizations operations in the United States. Companies must ensure that their employees credentials and occupational licenses are valid and up to date. While it may seem like a daunting task to manually check each employees license and credentials, Certemys primary source Verification system offers a reliable and efficient solution.

Certemys compliance management platform provides employers a comprehensive system for license verification, with real-time primary source verification. Automated workflows and notifications make license validation quick and effortless, helping companies reduce risk and improve staff utilization.

This article will explain Certemys license verification approach, and the benefits for organizations that choose to utilize its services. We will cover:

What Is License Verification?

License verification is the process of confirming that an employee holds the appropriate licenses and credentials for their occupation. It is important to ensure that licenses and certifications are valid and up to date to mitigate business risk.

Certemy can check the validity of licenses in all jurisdictions and related agencies, across the United States. The Certemysystem provides an automated approach to license verification, through primary source verification.

Certemys Primary Source Verification Approach

Certemys primary source verification system uses a three-step process to ensure the validity of occupational licenses. The process begins with submitting a request to the licensing agency. The agency then verifies the information provided and sends the employer a response confirming that the license is active and up to date. Finally, Certemys automated system sends the employer a notification of the agency?s response.

Certemys platform also allows organizations to automate the license monitoring process. Through this feature, employers can quickly detect if there has been a revocation or suspension of license or other action taken against the employee, and take appropriate action. In addition, organizations can set up automated notifications for upcoming license renewals.

The Benefits of Utilizing Certemys Services

Certemys license verification system offers a number of benefits for organizations. The automated primary source verification process ensures that licenses are checked quickly and efficiently, and that any changes are detected and notified in real-time. This greatly reduces the risk of errors or delays in license verification, and improves employee utilization.

In addition, the Certemy platform provides extensive visibility into the employee license verification process. Compliance leads can easily track the progress of current license verifications, and have access to historical data to quickly review license statuses.

The Certemysystem also ensures maximum accuracy. It utilizes a comprehensive database to cross-check licenses, and is regularly updated with new information. Moreover, the companies pre-built workflows are fully configurable to any organizations license application process.

The core message

Certemys license verification system provides organizations with an automated and efficient approach to ensuring compliance with licensing regulations. This can help organizations to mitigate risk and improve staff utilization, while providing maximum accuracy and visibility. By utilizing Certemys services, organizations can save time, money, and resources, while ensuring their operations are up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.


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