License Verification Tool | CRNA -?Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Verifying professional licenses has become a vital part of Human Resources operations throughout the US. As regulations become more stringent and complex, managing personnel information, credentials, and compliance verification can be a daunting task for any organization. With the availability of automated primary source verification systems, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance with a reliable and secure license tracking and verification solution.

Certemy is a leader in this space, providing comprehensive verifications of occupational licenses and certifications for businesses of all sizes. Companies can access the powerful automation of Certemy to easily track and manage license and certification information in one system. This helps operational teams to maintain visibility and guard against any kind of risk within their workforce.

Certemy also allows companies to automate the license application process, through pre-built workflows and configurable automation that can be tailored to their business needs. This allows HR teams to save time and swiftly comply with regulatory updates. Additionally, employers receive real-time alerts regarding license applications, expirations, renewals, and other credential changes.

A great example is Nurse Anesthetists (CRs), which is a growing market for compliance departments. As the demand for nurses continues to surge, locating and verifying a candidate’s credentials has become a must-have step in the recruitment process. Manually gathering paperwork and cross-referencing data can be a timely process, leading to delays in hiring decisions. After using Certemy, employers can assign the right roles to the right personnel faster and with more accurate information through automated primary source verification.

Certemys full-spectrum coverage over multiple regions, authorities, and disciplinary measures provides employers with unmatched insights into staff credentials. This also ensures robust security standards to protect confidential data, helping operational teams stay ahead of industry updates. According to a survey published by Gartner, 92 percent of HR leaders said they had seen a marked improvement in their compliance program after using Certemy.

From adhering to the latest financial regulations to protecting candidates and staff, verifying professional licenses is a critical step in the hiring process. Certemy provides a comprehensive, automated solution for employers to track, update, and manage licenses and certifications across their entire workforce. This helps HR teams remain compliant by saving time and providing valuable insights.


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