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License Verification is essential to maintain the integrity of a professional workforce and comply with local and federal regulations. Employers who manage multiple licenses and certifications across their employees can suffer from excessive time spent on manual verification of credentials and having to update records when they expire or are renewed. Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that takes the pressure off Compliance teams by validating occupational licenses and certifications to confirm that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

What Is Certemy?

Certemy is a software solution designed to help employers keep an up-to-date license and certification database for their team. It can be used to verify credentials quickly and accurately, eliminate manual processes, and reduce the time spent verifying credential renewals. Certemy is an automated system that uses primary source verification to confirm that all licenses and certifications meet regulations.

Benefits of Certemy for Regulatory Compliance

Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification can give your organization an edge when it comes to regulatory compliance. Certemy has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Real-time tracking: Certemys software gives you one system of record for all employee licenses and certifications, giving you peace of mind that the records are always up-to-date.

Configurable workflows: The software comes with pre-built workflows that you can configure to automate the license application process.

Improved productivity: Automate the process and reduce the time spent manually checking and updating credential records, so you can spend more time managing your compliance measures.

How Does Certemy Work?

Certemy verifies credential documentation through primary source verification. This type of verification compares the documents you submit (such as driver?s licenses, passports, or birth certificates) with the information on file in the primary sources. This gives employers the most accurate and reliable verification of credentials while saving time and increasing efficiency.

Certemys verification process is quick and easy. The software integrates with your existing employee database, allowing you to quickly and accurately verify a license or certification. Once the necessary information is in the system, it automatically verifies the credentials in real-time. You don?t need to install any additional software, as the entire process takes place in the cloud.


Certemys automated primary source verification system is the ideal way to ensure your employees? credentials remain up-to-date and compliant with regulations. With real-time tracking, configurable workflows, and improved team productivity, Certemy can streamline your license verification process and let you focus on other areas of your compliance program.


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