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Certemy is revolutionizing the way organizations manage their employee licensure program. With Certemy, companies can complete primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications for their entire workforce in a matter of minutes. This is possible through their automated system that ensures compliance with licensing requirements, tracks and manages licenses and certifications across the organization, and provides complete visibility into the entire workforce compliance program.

Certemy?s license verification tool eliminates the need for manual recordkeeping and tedious, time-consuming verifications. With Certemy, organizations can gain reliable, real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one secure system of record. This helps them better manage professional licenses and certifications, eliminate errors, and know which of their employees are up-to-date with their licensing requirements.

Certemy’s automated primary source verification system offers several advantages over traditional manual license verification processes. Certemy’s automated system is more efficient and accurate than manual methods, as it eliminates the possibility of human error and ensures that all members of the workforce are compliant with the highest standard. This system also provides organizations with complete visibility into their licensing requirements and the personnel that fall under those requirements. Certemy also automates license application processes, improving team productivity and tracking visibility for organizations of all sizes.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, who rely on Certemy to streamline their employee license management processes, save time, and mitigate compliance risks while improving staff utilization.

Organizations can easily create custom licensing workflows on the Certemy platform that are both efficient and compliant with existing organizational regulations. The Certemy License Verification portal works across all 50 states to ensure that all licensure records are accurate and current. With Certemy, organizations can be confident they have the most reliable and up-to-date information to ensure compliance with licensing regulations?a crucial safeguard in an increasingly regulated environment.

Certemy?s automated and intuitive interface eliminates the need for paper-based processes and manual record-keeping, allowing organizations to verify employees’ licenses in real time. Companies can also take advantage of Certemy’s automated license tracking and primary source verification capabilities to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements, saving time and resources.

Certemy’s license verification system helps organizations streamline their license tracking, simplifying the process of verifying the qualifications of their workforce. By automating the typical licensing workflow, Certemy also allows organizations to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of employee licenses and certifications across the entire organization, helping to ensure regulatory compliance in a cost-effective and efficient way.


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