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For a human resource (HR) department, the process of checking and tracking employee licenses and certifications can be a seemingly endless task, made only more complicated as licensing and regulatory requirements change and evolve. This is why the automation of license verification is proving to be a valuable resource for organizations of all sizes, providing them with a reliable way to stay ahead of regulations, mitigate risk, and promote employee utilization and productivity.

Certemy, a leader in license verification, offers an automated platform for verifying and tracking employee licenses and credentials in one place?providing the transparency, compliance, and control that organizations need to meet current and future regulatory standards.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

One of the primary benefits of automated license verification is its ability to save time and reduce costs associated with maintaining employee records. The platform automates the process of verifying a person?s credentials, making it faster and more efficient than manual checks and streamlining the process of staying up-to-date on changing requirements. The system also includes the ability to track licenses and credentials for compliance purposes, ensuring that everyone in the organization is using current and valid credentials.

Automated Tracking for Compliance

Certemys automated license verification process offers organizations complete visibility and control of their compliance program. Users can easily track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time, ensuring compliance with changing laws and regulations. The platform provides pre-built workflows that make it easy to automate license application processes, reducing the time and cost associated with updating employee files.

Mitigating Risk with Automated License Verification

Automated license verification platforms provide organizations with the ability to minimize risk and ensure that employees have the necessary credentials to perform their roles. As laws and regulations change, the system helps organizations identify any licenses or certifications that need to be updated, ensuring that their staff is qualified and compliant. Certemys automated system also gives organizations the ability to monitor employee credentials to ensure that no one is using expired or revoked credentials, thus providing a layer of protection against potential disciplinary action.

Improve Employee Productivity with Automated License Verification

Certemys automated verification process can also help organizations improve employee utilization and productivity. By automating the process of checking and verifying employee credentials, organizations can remove the administrative burden and free up resources for other tasks, such as training and development. Additionally, the system provides insights into employee credentials and certifications that are no longer valid, allowing organizations to adjust staffing levels and ensure that they have the most qualified and properly trained employees working in their organization.


Automated license verification is an invaluable resource for organizations looking to stay compliant, minimize risk, and optimize employee utilization. Certemys automated verification system provides the visibility, control, and insights that organizations need to manage their workforce compliance program, streamline the license application process, and ensure that their staff are up-to-date and qualified.


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