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Ensuring that employees are appropriately licensed and certified is no small task. Organizations are mandated to follow best practices for workforce Compliance, however often the process is tedious and can be time-consuming. Fortunately, technology is available to automate this process, reducing the risk of employee malpractice and streamlining employee compliance program management.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, offering an automated primary source verification system that instantly validates occupational licenses and certifications. By automatically tracking and managing license statuses, organizations can stay ahead of regulatory compliance while simultaneously reducing the time and resources spent on manual tracking and data entry. This system of record has the ability to track employee licenses and credentials in real-time, improving the visibility of teams across the organization.

Certemeys License Verification tool offers a suite of industry-specific templates, allowing companies to streamline their application and onboarding processes. Each template is customizable and can be configured to meet a companies specific requirements. Organizations can manage the entire licensing and credentialing process from one central hub, allowing them to easily monitor and update each employees status from application to onboarding.

In addition to alerting companies on upcoming renewal requirements, this automated license verification program informs businesses when an employees license has been suspended or revoked. This ability to immediately monitor changes in status immediately eliminates any potential for risk. Companies can even leverage pre-built workflows with digital signatures to further streamline the application process. This way, employees can easily initiate and update their own license details without taking up any additional time from the organizations resources.

Organizations are further protected from penalties, fines, or embarrassing sIt is visits as Certemys license verification program ensures that a company is informed of any changes or circumstances that could limit an employees ability to practice their profession in a timely manner. The Certemy platform makes it easier to comply with regulatory mandate with their robust yet customizable software.

Using Certemys automated primary source License Verification tool, organizations can easily ensure that their workforce remains compliant and up-to-date on all necessary certifications and renewals. Employees are able to more efficiently manage their own licenses and certifications, and the company is armed with the resources to ensure that violations are spotted and addressed at the earliest possible opportunity. Additionally, this powerful platform provides companies with an up-to-date understanding of each compliance program?s true status, and the visibility and control to save time and money across the business.


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