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Human Resource operators have the challenging task of ensuring employee certifications and licenses are always up to date. This includes collecting, validating, and verifying employee credentials and licenses in order to protect the organization from any potential risks or liabilities. In order to streamline the certification process, License Verification Automation (LVA) tools can provide improved Compliance visibility and oversight.

What is License Verification Automation?

License Verification Automation is a process by which HR organizations are able to automate the tracking of employee licenses, certifications, and credentials. This allows organizations to keep up with quickly changing regulations and ensure that all employees are in compliance at all times. LVA tools help automate verification of occupations licenses, credentials, and certifications in real-time. In this way, HR organizations can keep accurate records of employee certifications and reduce the burden of verifying credentials manually. Furthermore, in addition to the expediency that LVA tools provide, they also improve employee utilization and productivity by streamlining the tedious and do-consuming processes of manual verification.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

The benefits of automated license verification are numerous. First, with this system in place, organizations can ensure that employee certifications are regularly monitored and renewed in a timely fashion. This reduces the risk of any lapses in certifications or credentials, which can lead to potential legal liabilities for the organization. Second, automated verification also helps streamline administrative processes by providing real-time tracking capabilities. This is especially beneficial for large organizations with hundreds of employees.

In addition to streamlining administrative operations, LVA tools provide improved visibility across the entire organization. By tracking certificates in one system of record, HR operators can easily monitor and review employee credentials and certifications. This allows the organization to keep a close eye on any potential issues that may arise.

Finally, automated license verification provides HR operators with pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. This flexibility allows operators to easily adjust to changing regulations and quickly meet any certification needs. In this way, organizations can remain compliant and protect their employees from penalties associated with non-compliance.


License Verification Automation provides organizations with improved visibility and control of their human resource operations. With the ability to verify employee certificates in real-time, organizations can remain compliant with regulations and protect their employees from any potential liability issues. Automated license tracking also provides individuals with pre-built workflows that help streamline administrative processes and improve overall productivity.


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