License Verification Tool | Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse

As ambulatory perianesthesia nurses move forward in their careers, regulations often require that they obtain a certain amount of certifications such as the Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse (CAPN). With this comes the need for license Verification and a reliable tracking program to ensure all certifications are up to date.

Certemy is a cloud-based system that provides an automated primary source verification process for occupational licenses and certifications, allowing organizations to quickly and easily verify if their staff members have the right credentials. This advanced system offers full visibility and control over a companies Compliance program, with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, automated license application processes, and the ability to quickly identify any changes to an employees professional status.

Certemys license verification and tracking system puts compliance plans into action by allowing companies to track their employees? certifications, easily verify any credentials, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. With this comprehensive system, staff utilization, compliance, and productivity can be improved.

Certemy offers an automated primary source verification process that uses multiple, trusted sources to present a complete view of the employees professional status. This allows for real-time tracking of any changes in certifications or license status. Additionally, with Certemys cloud-based system, companies can access the primary source data from any internet-connected device, matching local laws and regulations across every state to ensure there is no overlap or conflict.

Companies can also benefit from Certemys customizable workflows. This suite of pre-built templates can be modified to fit the individual needs of a workplace. This feature offers an easy way to automate tedious license application processes, ensuring that company records are always kept up to date and accurate.

Finally, Certemy allows organizations to better manage their security protocols and staff utilization by providing timely, accurate data in an easily accessed location. Through Certemys secure system, companies can ensure that employees have the appropriate certifications and credentials, and that these are kept up to date.

Certemy is the perfect solution for companies looking to streamline their compliance tracking and remain up to date on all employee licenses. Organizations can now easily verify their employees credentials in real-time with just a few clicks, and with the added peace of mind that their certifications are in compliance with state regulations.



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