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Compliance is a crucial aspect in human resource operations. Ensuring that all staff, contractors, and other personnel have the required licenses and certifications is a burden for organizations, sprawling across various domains of specialty and expertise. The license Verification process is critical in terms of following regulations and minimising risks, as well as protecting hirees from coercion or fraudulent contracts.

Certified breastfeeding counselors, CBFC, is a niche occupational category that requires specialized knowledge and training in the fields of nutrition, anatomy, and the health of infants. This occupation requires special certifications, similar to the ones provided by Certemy. Establish trust with primary source verification and having licensed personnel not just in CBFC, but all across the organization is critical for organizations in having a compliant workforce.

The license verification process is often laborious and time consuming, without the proper technology. Certemys primary source verification solution provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials all in one system. This system mitigates risk and improves staff utilisation by providing organisations with real-time updates on credential status and notifications for renewals. With pre-built workflow capabilities, organisations can automate license applications and applications processes. Certemy has become the leader in occupational license verification, offering trustworthy opportunities for organisations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance progress.

Organisations can benefit from Certemys license verification as it also offers ease of use and collaboration, allowing organisations to share license info with vendors, colleagues or other external entities. With full visibility and control of the entire workforce compliance program, it provides all the data needed for compliance without requiring any maintenance. With certifications of all kinds, from nursing to CBFC, Certemy provides organisations with the assurance that their employee credentials are valid, active, and up to date.

Certemy is a valuable solution for organisations of varying size, and it can easily integrate with existing systems. With its modern interface, you can automate the process of license tracking and primary source verification, helping organisations gain full access to the required information.

When it comes to the laborious process of verifying credentials, superior technology could be the difference in maintaining compliance or placing your organisation at risk. Ensure trust in your workforce by relying on verified occupation licenses and certifications with Certemy.


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