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Human Resource (HR) Compliance Leads are tasked with managing comprehensive license and certification processes within organizations, reporting to regulators and ensuring a safe and confident environment for employees. With a growing amount of data to manage, organizations are turning to automated primary source verification solutions to streamline and automate license and certification management processes. These solutions replace manual processes and provide a unified platform to easily store, report, and keep track of employees’ occupational licenses and certifications.

License Verification is an essential tool for HR Compliance Leads, providing organizations with automated solutions to track, manage, and monitor credentials in real-time and synchronize with other workforce compliance programs. Through automation, license verification solutions reduce time, effort, and money spent manually verifying and storing license details. Organizations can benefit from manual process automation such as cost reductions, improved staff utilization, greater accuracy, visibility and control of licenses and certifications, reduced risks of compliance issues, and improved customer satisfaction.

By automating the licensing process, organizations can ensure compliance with regulations while minimizing administrative errors and inefficiencies. Automated license verification solutions provide organizations with an accurate overview of which licenses and certifications their workforce holds, when they are due to renew, and the status of any disciplinary or sanctions for specific license holders. These solutions can also manage license and certification applications, enabling users to instantly verify license renewals, monitor reminders and alerts on licenses and certifications expiring soon, and keep an audit trail of certified documents.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across employees. Certemys platform allows organizations to easily track and manage licenses and certifications with visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. With this system, organizations can track licenses and credentials in one system of record and access pre-built workflows for automated license application processes.

Organizations of all industries and sizes benefit from license verification solutions. Current users include some of the largest employers in the US, leveraging real-time tracking and automated processes to save time, risk, and improve staff utilization and productivity. These solutions enable organizations to have full visibility on where staff are located, what certifications they hold, and when those need to be renewed.

At the end of the day, license verification is an essential tool for compliance leads to manage manual processes, streamline processes, and ensure compliance with regulations on an ongoing basis. Automatic license tracking and primary source verification keeps organizations ahead of regulatory compliance, enabling businesses to reap the benefits of improved customer satisfaction, visibility, control, and cost reductions.


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