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The process of confirming, validating, and verifying the status of an individual’s licenses and certifications is essential for any organization. Employees must have active and up-to-date qualifications in order to be considered for jobs, and staying up to date on credential compliance is critical for regulatory purposes. Often, this verification process is manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. Automated primary source verification (APVS) is a computational solution that helps organizations quickly and accurately perform license verification in order to conform to compliance regulations.

APVS has been developed to effectively manage an organizations license and certification verification process. By using technology to facilitate the collection, verification, and maintenance of license data, APVS provides the assurance that an organizations professional licenses remain in good standing. Additionally, APVS offers many benefits to organizations, making license verification much easier and cost-effective.

The first step in taking advantage of APVS is to identify the organizations? current licensing and credentialing requirements. Once these requirements are established, APVS allows organizations to programmatically validate these licenses and certifications. This process eliminates human error from manual verification and helps organizations quickly and accurately track their staff?s license statuses.

APVS provides efficient and effective credential tracking. Organizations are able to reduce the risk of non-compliance and improve the accuracy of their license monitoring by utilizing automated primary source verification technology. For example, if an employee holds multiple professional licenses, APVS can quickly verify and update the information for each license, helping organizations to stay ahead of license expirations and manage multiple credentials.

APVS also allows organizations to streamline the process of submitting application information to licensing boards. Rather than manually entering the information and continually having to monitor for updates or changes, APVS automatically provides a single source of truth as to the current status of an employees licenses and certifications. Organizations no longer have to worry about incomplete or inaccurate information, as APVS provides self-generated alerts for tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain the validity of all licenses and certifications.

By centralizing all license and credential information, APVS creates a single system of record. This helps to reduce compliance costs and simplifies the process of employee performance reviews and staff utilization. Through the use of templates, organizations can also save even more time and money while also adding uniformity and organization to the license verification process.

APVS is the ideal solution for organizations who want to reduce time and costs and mitigate risk associated with manual license verification. By utilizing automated primary source verification, organizations can simplify and streamline their licensing and credential monitoring process, ensuring that their teams have the necessary qualifications and certifications to perform their jobs.


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