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Administering professional credentials and conducting efficient license Verification as a Human Resources (HR) operations care a major challenge for organizations. Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialists have to manage validating certifications, verifying the credentials of professionals while ensuring that their license and certifications are up to date and remain in Compliance with regulations. It is crucial for an HR department to have visibility and control of their personnel compliance program. Streamlining the management and tracking of employee credentials is a daunting task. Fortunately, license verification tools provide the solutions to ensure activities for credentialing and onboarding professionals is efficient and accurate. With automated license tracking and primary source verification, HR personnel can stay ahead of regulatory compliance with an extensive range of pre-built workflows that are configurable to automate the onboarding process.

License Verification Platforms Automate and Streamline Complex Tasks

Organizations that rely on intricate procedures such as recruiting, onboarding and credentialing require a reliable and comprehensive license verification platform. This type of system presented an organization with end to end validation of professional licenses and certification credentials to ensure the compliance of the compliance program. By utilizing automated license tracking and primary source verification tools, the tedious and human-intensive task of assuring credentials and accurate records can be managed by automation. Certification credentialing platforms streamline the tasks with improved visibility and control of the entire process. This enhances processes across the organization with automated tracking of employee credentials. HR departments have access to real-time data in a single system of record. License verification tools become the primary source of information allowing the HR organization to track expertise and industry certifications in a centralized platform.

Trusted Verified Credentials Assure Regulatory Compliance

Leading licensure verification platforms have a solid industry reputation of assuring regulatory compliance. Companies such as Certemy offer an automated primary source verification system that gives organizations complete visibility and control of their professional qualification. Automated license tracking and primary source verification provide the essential insights by validating occupational licenses and certifications across employees to confirm active status or renewal. This safeguards the employer from potential violations by ensuring the license or certification is still valid.

Efficient Accurate Record Maintenance

Tracking and managing licenses is no longer a labor intensive task for organization as modern license verification systems take care of validating and updating the records. Human resource departments can easily track and maintain accurate records of employee credentials, certificates, and licenses in a centralized system. This simplifies the process of validating and verifying proper licensure and certification for both new hires and returning individuals. In addition, organizations have access to contextual insights and recommendations that help assure and coordinate compliance of government regulations.

Improved Staffing Utilization With Automated Tools

An automated license tracking and primary source verification system allows for massive cost savings across the organization. Bundled with automated workflows that are configurable to automate license application processes, HR personnel focus more of their energy on higher-value opportunities. This has been key feature for large U.S. employers looking to save time with compliance activities and improve staff utilization. By leveraging automated license tracking tools, compliance teams increases regulated activities such as credentialing, version control and policy enforcement. This leave more efficient staff allowing the focus to be on other areas such as staff development.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance with Automated License Verification Platforms

The complexities of assuring compliance of professional credentials and validating licenses require an efficient and comprehensive system to accurately track and manage employee credentials. License verification platforms offer a reliable source to easily generate insights with automated license tracking and primary source verification. This promotes compliant activities and onboarding of professionals with configurable pre-built workflows that enable organizations to automate application processes. Automated license tracking tools have become an essential tool for HR personnel to save time, reduce risk and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.


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