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Compliance lead practitioners can reduce risk and improve staff utilization by leveraging Certemy to track and manage licenses and certifications with real-time primary source verification. Certemys automated license tracking system provides an essential layer of protection for businesses, offering advanced visibility into employee credentials.

With Certemy, compliance leads can control the entire workforce compliance program with complete visibility and automated license tracking. Certemys primary source verification technology validates occupations licenses and certifications across employees and ensures that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. As a result, professionals in compliance leadership roles can stay ahead of regulatory compliance objectives and guard against liabilities and audits.

Certemys software offers a comprehensive solution to license tracking: first, Certemys workflows are pre-built and configurable, so compliance lead practitioners can customize and automate the license application process. Additionally, Certemy provides a place of record to store employee licenses and credentials. This system of record allows compliance leads to monitor license statuses in real time and alert any changes associated with licensing requirements.

At the same time, Certemys software helps increase team productivity by offering a streamlined process to check and renew staus and credentials in a risk-free platform. Compliance leads also have the opportunity to automate their license management systems with Certemys extensive library of regulatory standards, making compliance lead jobs easier and more efficient.

Certemy is trusted by some of the world?s largest companies and organizations, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and the World Bank. Organizations rely on Certemy as a leader in license verification to save time and enhance resources while managing risk and throughput.

In short, Certemy provides an invaluable solution for compliance leads to reduce liabilities and gain an advanced level of visibility into employee credentials. By leveraging Certemys automated license tracking, compliance leads can achieve long-term equilibrium in regulatory compliance objectives and streamline staff resources.


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