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A perpetual concern of professional organizations is ensuring that all staff and employees comply with relevant licensing and certifications. Ensuring your team is up to date on their credentials is no longer done with spreadsheets or various software programs – a new era of license verification is upon us.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) is just one of the many health professionals needing to stay on top of their credentials, and forthright verification solutions are available to help make this task efficient and easily manageable.

Why Invest in License Verification Solutions?

Organizations offering health services must often adhere to various levels of oversight to ensure they meet or exceed credentials for service provision. Furthermore, healthcare facilities approaching accreditation processes must adhere to Occupational Licensing requirements to demonstrate the employees can meet the standards set forth by their regulatory bodies.

Investing in an automated license verification solution not only allows for organizations to keep closer tabs on their license and certification credentials but can also help with streamlining the process of applying for credentials, staying organized, and keeping up with certifications expirations.

What to Look For in a Quality License Verification Program

Automated license verification services are not created equally and many of these services do not follow accurate or safe protocols for verification. This is why it is important for organizations to be diligent in their search for the right service. Quality program features should include but are not limited to:

Primary source verification which is completed by a qualified provider with relevant regulatory associations.

Automated tracking services for licenses and certifications.

Pre-built workflows for license applications and data entry.

A real-time system of record for tracking and viewing.

A comprehensive reporting dashboard for visibility.

In addition to the above, organizations should look for providers offering superior customer service. This includes customer support during set up, the onboarding process, and any time an issue arises. With the complexity of the system, it is important to be able to reliably and quickly contact a customer service department with many options for doing so.

How Does License Verification Benefit Organizations?

Organizations can gain numerous benefits from a quality license verification system. First and foremost, primary source verification helps ensure that all staff and employees are keeping their required certifications up-to-date eliminating the fear of compliance.

The automated tracking feature eliminates any manual input by organizing information into the real-time system of record. This eliminates the need to remember when certification expire or have to remind staff to keep track of their credentials.

The automated workflows of license applications serves to further streamline the application process greatly reducing the turn-around moment for applications. This helps organizations keep their staff productive and compliant with minimal effort.

Finally, the powerful reporting dashboard allow organizations to view all their active credentials from the entire organization at a glance. This helps the organizations HR departments and management monitor compliance and productivity without extensive effort.

Certemy: A Leader in License Verification

Considering all the features of an automated license verification system, Certemystands out above its competitors. Certemy is one of the largest license verification tools available designed by experts experienced in using a variety of credentialing systems.

Certemy offers clients a suite of tools designed to provide advancment in every aspect of the licensing process from pre-built workflows to real-time data management. As many of their clients are some of the largest employers in the United States, Certemys reputation for providing the most comprehensive system for license management is unheard of.

Final considerations

Nurse Practitioners and many other healthcare professionals are constantly required to replenish their certifications to ensure they are compliant with their respective regulatory body. Investing in a quality automation license verification system can help streamline the compliance process and keep hospitals and organizations safe from any potential compliance violations.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees confirming that they are active.


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