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Keeping employees in compliance with various regulatory bodies can be a daunting task. With the many licenses and certifications that may be required, manual tracking and verification is an inefficient, time-consuming process that can increase risk and hinder staff utilization. Fortunately, automation can make this task streamlined and efficient. With comprehensive license verification tools such as Certemy, human resource operations can get complete visibility and control of a staff compliance program through primary source verification.

Understanding Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is one of the most effective approaches to mitigate risk and verify accuracy of an employees license or certification. The process involves collecting, verifying, and authenticating a license or certification directly from the primary source – a professional organization or regulatory body – that originally issued the relevant qualification. This allows employers to employ a more automated, comprehensive process to stay ahead of regulatory compliance while ensuring that all license or certificate information is active, appropriately updated, and free of sanctions.

Automated Tracking and Management of Licenses and Certifications

In addition to automating primary source verification, automated license tracking and management tools also simplify compliance. With a cloud-based system of record, employers can track employee licenses and credentials in real-time and with full visibility across the entire organization. These systems are fast and efficient, and can significantly reduce the time needed to ensure regulatory compliance for operations staff.

Automating License Application Processes

Certemys pre-built workflows are designed to automate the license application process for each of the regulatory bodies that require it. Human resource operations staff can customize the software?s automated workflows to meet the needs of their organization. This ensures that the process is both accurate and up to date, and prevents any potential delays due to manual errors.

Improving Visibility and Productivity

Using a license verification tool, such as Certemy, can improve visibility and productivity for both operations staff and the entire organization. With real-time tracking and complete access to all license and certification records, employers can be confident that their team is in compliance and that their workforce is meeting all applicable regulations and policies. This also maximizes staff utilization, as teams are no longer hindered by manual processes and instead have access to a streamlined, automated system.

Closing considerations

Tools such as Certemy allow employers to mitigate risk and save time with automated primary source verification and license tracking. Pre-built workflows and full visibility help ensure regulatory compliance, while also improving staff utilization and overall team productivity. By leveraging license verification tools, human resource operations can become more efficient and effective in their compliance processes.


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