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As the healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve, there has been an increased need for compliance with multiple laws and regulations regarding personnel licensing. High-risk perinatal nursing, in particular, demands a careful and consistent verification system for nurses holding specialized certifications and licenses to work in specialized care clinics and patient care facilities. Certemy offers a comprehensive and automated solution that helps employers to quickly and easily verify the occupational licenses and certifications of their employees to ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

Certemy is a leader in the automation of primary source verification, a system that helps employers screen out individuals who may be sanctioned or face disciplinary actions. By efficiently removing these figures from the pool of potential and existing healthcare workers, Certemy makes it easy to maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This process also simplifies the administrative tasks involved with managing employee credentials, such as licenses and certifications, by providing data visibility in real-time.

In addition to the automated primary source verification system, Certemy also offers pre-built workflows that can be customized to automate every step of the license application process. From submitting applications to managing documents, Certemys easy to use software tools make It isimpler than ever for employers and healthcare organizations to remain up to date on licensing and credentialing processes. Customizable dashboards and reports provide a comprehensive view of the status of every employees career at every step.

Certemy is well-respected amongst many of the largest US employers as a one-stop-shop for license and certification verification. With millions of occupational licenses and certifications to manage, the Certemy platform streamlines workforce compliance in hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the United States. Real-time tracking of employee credentials gives compliance officers peace of mind, while customizable workflows and automated license verification makes the entire compliance process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Robust reporting capabilities provide the insights necessary in order to accurately measure the performance of individual employees. The Certemy platform keeps teams in the loop and up to date on their progress when keeping track of their credentials. Integrations with leading HR systems like Workday enable easy import/export of employee information and updates. This ensures employers can remain compliant and up to date on their constants in Todays ever-evolving health care industry.

Certemy makes It isimple for employers to stay one step ahead of regulatory compliance and maintain the highest levels of quality assurance. The streamlined software platform is tailored specifically for the high-risk perinatal nursing landscape, making it the perfect choice for busy hospitals and healthcare organizations.


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