License Verification Tool | Clinical Nurse Specialist; Wellness through Acute Care (Adult-Gerontology)

With the increasing complexities in the workplace, an employer may have difficulty tracking their staff?s qualifications. This is especially true for compliance leaders who have the task of keeping up with certifications and licenses. However, Certemy has a powerful solution to solve this problem through automated License Verification. This will not only allow employers to save time but will also reduce risk and improve staff utilization.

With automated License Verification, compliance leaders can have an overall view of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This system is built with primary source verification, ensuring the validity of each employees license and certification. It is also regularly updated to stay ahead of regulatory measures, safeguarding the quality of the employees work. Additionally, it has pre-built workflows that make the application process of a license more efficient and user friendly.

The benefits of automated License Verification also extend to time savings. Human resource and compliance operations can become more effective and organized due to the tracking of license renewal. HR will no longer need to manually monitor their employees? licenses and certifications, as the system can take care of it for them. As such, equipment utilization and team productivity can grow. Certemy even helps prevent regulatory sanctions with automated license tracking and primary source verification.

The main advantage of License Verification is the fact that it keeps an employer in compliance and prevents unnecessary penalties. Ensuring the validity and accuracy of employee credentials is paramount when it comes to workplace compliance. Companies that fail to verify their employees? credentials are exposed to risk and costly fines. With automated License Verification, companies can now invest in their employees? credentials by having the assurance that the credentials are up to standard.

By automating License Verification, Certemy is providing an all-encompassing solution to maintain regularity at the workplace. This is particularly beneficial to employers in the healthcare and medical field, where proper certification and licensure of staff is essential to protect patients. This tool can even be used to provide wellness through acute care (Adult-Gerontology), as the Clinical Nurse Specialist will have the reassurance that her employees are appropriately licensed and certified.

Thus, automated License Verification is an important tool that can be used to reduce workplace risk and streamline compliance operations. With Certemy, employers get this solution in a user friendly package that not only tracks employee credentials but also keeps them up to date and securely stored.


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