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The importance of validating professional licenses and certifications of employees cannot be underestimated. Primary source Verification of licenses is the best way for employers to survey Compliance for their workforce. Automated license tracking systems have become ubiquitous in an effort to ensure compliance of employees. It confirms that their licenses are valid, updated, and free from any sanctions or disciplinary measures.

At Certemy, we provide you with a comprehensive and automated license verification system. This system provides you with complete visibility and control of your compliance program. We also save time, mitigate risk, and improve the utilization of your staff. Through it, you are able to obtain real-time tracking of employee credentials which is all stored in one system of record.

Having an automated license tracking system gives you a range of benefits. Primarily, it improves the productivity and visibility of the organization. This helps ensure people in the organization are working within the organizations particular regulatory requirements. With our system, you can be sure that all processes and procedures remain in compliance with the law.

The tracking system also allows you to set up pre-built workflows which are completely configurable. This allows you to gain an overview of license application processes. Depending on the organizations needs, you can also customize the system to fit those needs. This will help save time and money.

We make sure your license verification needs are effectively met with our reliable solutions. This helps to streamline the system and enhances your organizations compliance program. We have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge. Our company is trusted by some of the largest businesses in the world so you can be sure of the quality of our services.

Our license verification system complies with all necessary regulatory obligtions. This involves validating the credentials of your workforce, ensuring that they comply with the requirements of their positions and duties. We also ensure that their licenses are valid and that no disciplinary measures have been taken against them.

By taking a proactive approach with our license verification system, you are increasing your organizations efficiency and reducing potential risks. This allows you to have more confidence in the decisions you make as you have the law to back you up.

At Certemy, we guarantee that our services are of the highest quality. Our license verification system goes beyond just basic compliance. We provide you with a comprehensive and secure system that ensures all licenses and certifications of your workforce are valid, current, and free from any sanctions or disciplinary measures. This makes sure your organization is able to move forward with confidence and prevents legal liability in the future.


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