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Compliance teams and human resource operations groups are tasked with the critical responsibility of ensuring that their organizations licenses and certifications are up to date and complete. With increased regulations and oversight in professional industries, this process of validating licenses and certifications has become increasingly complex. Yet, thanks to technology, Automated Primary Source Verification (APSF) can provide a comprehensive solution for organizations to build and maintain a compliant workforce.

Understanding Automated Primary Source Verification

Automated Primary Source Verification is an electronic, automated way of verifying licenses and certifications. It eliminates the need for manual, paper-based processes that are both costly and prone to errors. APSF works by leveraging databases that contain information about regulatory boards, licensing bodies and certifying agencies. To confirm professional licenses and credentials, APSF systems query those boards and agencies to verify the accuracy of the data, ensuring a higher degree of trust and accuracy than manual alternatives.

Primary Source Verification Advantages

There are numerous benefits to an APSF system. These include:

1. Improved Compliance and Security:

APSF systems provide compliance teams with a layer of trust in information about employees, colleagues, and other third parties. By confirming the accuracy of license and certification information, organizations can feel secure that their workforce is properly compliant with regulations.

2. Time Savings:

Manual processes for validating licenses and certifications can be time-consuming. APSF?s streamlined approach offers a simpler, faster way to manage licenses and certifications, saving time and simplifying the process.

3. Improved Visibility:

APSF systems offer a single source of truth for license and certification information, improving visibility and control of an organizations compliance program. Teams are able to quickly view and manage license information with real-time tracking of all data- points.

4. Automation of Workflows:

APSF systems come with pre-built workflows that simplify the application and renewal process. These workflows are fully configurable and can be tailored to each organizations specific needs.

s of Automated Primary Source Verification

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees. Certemys system provides complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program, tracks and manages licenses and certifications with primary source verification and automates license application and renewal processes. Certemys system is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

The Benefits of APSF in Action

Organizations in professional industries such as healthcare, finance, law, and more need to be compliant with regulations in order to remain in business. APSF systems are an invaluable TOOL in ensuring that organizations are on the right side of the law. With APSF, organizations have real-time tracking of all licenses and credentials in one system of record. This ensures that there is less worry and tedious manual processes associated with license and certification management, freeing up time for other, more important tasks.


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