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The nursing profession is complex and ever-changing, requiring nurses to continually train and renew certifications. Nurse practitioners in particular must adhere to a high level of standards in order to practice, meaning they must be monitored for continued compliance.

Primary source license verification, or verification from the source of the license or certification, is the gold standard in ensuring nurses are licensed and qualified to practice. With targeted and efficient care from nurse practitioners being a vital part of quality patient management, organizations must ensure they have the means to methodically and thoroughly verify their nurse practitioners? licenses.

Certemy is a top provider of primary source verification for nurses, allowing employers to stay up-to-date on their nurse practitioners? certifications.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

The importance of primary source verification lies in the fact that each state has different requirements for licensing and continuing education, meaning nurses must keep on top of local statute changes. Certified nurse practitioners must adhere to a number of licenses, registrations, and certifications in order to practice, making automated primary source verification through Certemy invaluable for managing the proliferation of licensed nurse practitioners.

Organizations that employ nurse practitioners are legally liable for the licenses and certifications of their employees, and stand to lose a lot should a medically-licensed nurse come in out of compliance. Fluidity between states and local ordinances means manual methods of license verification are unreliable. Therefore, nurse practitioner employers must have a reliable source for primary source verification.

Certemys Automated License Tracking and Primary Source Verification is designed to free up time while mitigating risk and improving staff utilization. Employers enter their nurse practitioners? information in Certemys system of record, then Certemy instantly cross-validates all credentials through its automated primary source verification process. Employers easily receive real-time updates and notifications for any changes, enabling quick action when needed.

Configurable Workflows and Visibility for All

Certemy also provides businesses that employ nurse practitioners pre-built workflows that are customisable. Depending on an organizations individual requirements, they can configure their Certemy workflow to automate the license application process. This saves both time and cost for the employer while ensuring nurse practitioner licenses are kept up-to-date.

The visibility offered by Certemys platform is also an advantage. Every nurse practitioner license and registration is tracked in one system of record which may be accessed by all authorized users, allowing for information to be shared quickly and easily amongst the entire organization. This visibility increases team productivity and is especially helpful when making critical decisions.

Trusted by the World?s Largest Employers

The world?s largest employers trust Certemy for their license and certification needs. Organizations such as Amazon, Walmart, and IBM leverage its automated primary source verification process to mitigate risk and maximize staff utilization.

Automated primary source verification through Certemy allows employers to conduct background checks for their nurse practitioners with fast and reliable accuracy. Nurse practitioners that maintain their licenses and certifications using Certemy are ensured to provide guaranteed professional and readily available care for their patients.


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