License Verification Tool | NRP – Neonatal Resuscitation Program

As technology develops, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve operations processes. In the human resources industry, traditional methods of manually verifying and tracking employee licenses are becoming a drain on productivity, creating the need for an automated, updated process. Automated license verification and tracking provides employers the ability to ensure both compliance and safety.

Companies with employee licenses and certifications to manage, such as healthcare providers, are responsible for keeping track of internal and external licensure information, including the National Resuscitation Program (NRP) and any other certifications required for healthcare employees. With the rise in regulation and the rise in scrutiny surrounding accountability of licensure, Human Resource departments are turning to software solutions to ensure primary source verification.

The automation of employee license verification and tracking, provides companies with the ability to instantly verify credentials, while saving time and ensuring accurate records. Employers can have complete control and visibility over their workforce’s compliance plans and certifications, while monitoring and maintaining the accuracy of their employee files. Human Resource departments no longer need to waste time and resources verifying certification renewal dates or approve requests for confirmation letters from outside organizations. Automated tracking and verification systems provide employers with peace of mind, simplifying their operations and efficiency.

Through the use of automated licensure tracking system employers can maintain accurate records and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Automating the management of employee licenses, certifications and credentials, the entire organization can have peace of mind knowing the records are up to date and properly managed. Automation helps streamline the process, allowing HR departments to save time by pre-configuring workflows to automate license application processes.

By using a central system of record, employers can easily track and manage multiple license types, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential fines and disciplinary actions from the state. By having access to real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, human resource teams are better equipped to improve team productivity and staff utilization.

For companies looking to stay ahead of license verification and tracking, Certemy provides an automated platform. Trusted by some of the largest American employers, its mission is to provide complete visibility and control over workforce compliance programs. Automatically tracking and primary source verifying employees licenses is the first step in simplifying the process and ensuring compliancy with regulatory requirements.


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