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Automated license and certification processes are becoming increasingly popular for many organizations as they strive to reduce time and cost associated with manual human resource (HR) compliance operations. Certemy is a leader in this field for primary source verification and is trusted by some of the largest companies in the United States.

Certemys platform offers various features such as real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, automated license application processing, and mitigation of regulatory risks while reducing the time associated with compliant processes. Leveraging Certemys secure platform adds visibility and control to all aspects of managing license and certification requirements, streamlining the day-to-day HR operations and ensuring that staff are appropriately licensed according to industry standards.

Primary source verification is a critical part of HR compliance management. This form of credential verification relies heavily on a number of specific data points that must be correctly collected in order to obtain complete visibility into a given employees credentials. This data includes each licensure type, state of residence, licensure status, expiration date, license numbers, and any associated added privileges behind each credential.

At Certemy, the data collection process is automated and supported by a number of tools and services that speed up the entire workflow. The software also offers additional features such as pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to fit any organizations needs and improve the performance of license application processes.

Organizations can also track certificates and licenses that require continuing education and/or recertification regularly to ensure that their employees remain compliant. The platform also allows for regular reminders to employees regarding their license/certification expirations and provides notifications of any new approved licensing or certification credentials for specific employees.

The Certemy platform is more than just a license verification system. The software also provides organizations with powerful tools to track and manage their workforce compliance capabilities. This includes tracking applications, renewing licenses and certifications, documenting and storing credentialing information, validating licensure beliefs, and providing real-time reporting on any changes in licensure or certifications.

Organizations today are increasingly adopting automated license and certification processes to stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues and improve their staff utilization. Certemy is a leader in the field and its automated primary source verification system and comprehensive features provide complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program.


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