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The healthcare industry is regulated and heavily scrutinized profession with a high importance placed on valid certifications and licenses. For an Orthopedics Nurse Practitioner, (ONP-C), staying up-to-date with license and certification rules, regulations and requirements is a difficult and complex task. To ensure compliance with various standards, organizations must resort to manual, time consuming ways of license verification. To simplify the process and reduce the time and resources spent, automated license tracking and primary source verification technology is the most optimal solution.

Primary source verification is the act of ascertaining that credentials such as an ONP-C license or certification were indeed granted by a reputable organization and that these credentials have not been revoked or suspended. Currently, the process of verifying credentials is done manually or in cases where it is automated, it is highly limited due to lack of real-time data access. Automated license tracking and primary source verification technology is gaining traction for the purpose of credential verification in the healthcare industry as it offers a much more efficient way of verifying and maintaining licenses and certification.

Certemy is one of the leading providers of automation of primary source license tracking and verification. Certemy is a highly secure platform which offers a way to maintain a real-time record of licenses and ensures that organizations stay in compliance with various state and federal regulations for their healthcare workforce. The system provides employers with complete transparency when it comes to license tracking as Certemys automated verifications provide employers with accurate and reliable information to audit credentials of employees.

With Certemys automated primary source verification system, ONP-Cs can quickly and easily validate licenses, stay up-to-date with required certifications and complete licensure applications with less hassle. Unlike manual license verification, this system offers real-time data access and is customized according to an organizations’ requirements. Certemys technology also mitigates the risk of fines or other sanctions by providing visibility into all aspects of employee licensure.

Certemy offers customers the ability to track employee license expiration dates, stored information about certifications and other records, as well as provide customized reminders for employees. All of these features are aimed to ensure the workforce of an organization is compliant with licenses and certifications. With Certemys automated system, employers have full visibility into the workforce compliance program, and can stay on top of regulatory compliance with real-time tracking of employee licenses and other credentials.

Certemy has proven to be a successful way for employers to quickly track and manage employee licenses and keep up with regulatory requirements. The system helps employers and employees alike save time and improve the staff utilization process through pre-built and configurable workflows. Overall, the technology provided by Certemy is designed to be user-friendly and save both time and money for organizations.


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