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The need for monitoring employee license renewal is a challenge for Human Resource professionals and compliance officers trying to stay ahead of regulatory requirements in an increasingly complex workforce. With Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNCs) specifically, there are several key advantages to primary source verification which provides a more reliable method for license review that is also time-efficient.

The primary source process provides different levels or depth of license verification, such as confirming licensure status, and other long-term goals of continuous monitoring and tracking license expiration dates to proactively prevent any incidents that present the potential for legal and/or professional ramifications.

At the same time, primary source verification is an effective tool for assessing the competency of CLNCs through the mapping of basic training criteria to a set of predetermined standards. As an organization implements this type of verification, they also receive important data-driven insights that demonstrate the strength of their compliance program, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Verifying Occupational Licenses and Certifications with Automation

Historically, verifying license renewal and compliance was labor-intensive and time consuming, an especially daunting task for HR professionals when considering how often state regulations for licensed professions can change.

In this digital age, Certemy offers a cloud-based and automated solution for employers who need to regularly and reliably verify CLNCs to ensure their license renewal compliance remains up to date. With real-time tracking and pre-built workflows, this cloud-based system makes license compliance easier and more reliable, enabling employers to spend less resources on license verification and more time on other important initiatives.

It isimplifies the compliance process through the automation and verification of all CLNC documents, and is trusted by numerous employers to help mitigate risk and increase staff utilization. The result is improved team productivity, increased visibility across the entire organization, and the ability to respond quickly to any changes in certification requirements as state regulations evolve over time.

Maintaining Compliance & Improving Employee Productivity

By utilizing Certemys automated primary source verification system, employers that regularly hire CLNCs can have peace of mind knowing that their workforce is in compliance with state regulations. Over time, this system streamlines the entire process and eliminates the need for manual reviews and verifications, allowing employers to manage compliance while also optimizing employee productivity.

At the same time, the automation also allows the organization to be alerted to any sanctions or disciplinary actions, creating a system that provides oversight while also reducing the potential for costly legal repercussions that result from failure to comply with certification requirements.

The benefits of automation, database integration, and systematic workflows provide reliable and efficient methods to keep CLNCs on-board and up-to-date on their license renewals. At the same time, Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification improve team productivity, increase visibility across the entire organization, and keep potential liability risks at a minimum.


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