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Healthcare providers and facilities face increasing challenge in managing nurse practitioner licenses and credentials. Regulation changes, mandated by the healthcare boards, can be difficult to track and follow diligently. Licensing and credentialing are an integral part of healthcare provider Compliance and, if not done properly, can have severe consequences on patient care, staffing and ultimately, revenue.

Certemy, an automated license and credential Verification system, offers a solution which helps employers quickly and accurately verify the licenses and credentials of nurse practitioners. This system provides visibility into compliance program via primary source verification and quickens the process of license tracking and management for health organisations.

Why Primary Source Verification?

Healthcare organisations should always choose solutions that ensure accurate, complete and timely primary source verifications for nurse practitioners. Primary source verification involves verifying the licensure information such as license number and its expiry date, from the original sources such as licensing boards. Primary source verification is necessary because it requires organisations to verify the authenticity of the licensee and documents presented to them from certified regulatory authorities.

By relying on primary source verification, Certemy helps employers eliminate the costs and errors associated with manual validation of licenses such as expired licensure or staff under-utilization, as well as other disciplinary actions.

Real-Time License And Credential Tracking

Organisations need an effective informational system to track the licenses and credentials of its nurse practitioners, so as to facilitate compliance standards. Certemy provides employers with a single source of truth when it comes to license and credential tracking.

The automated license and credential verification removal system helps employers to track and manage all nurse practitioner records in real-time. It also provides a complete audit trail which can be used to prove compliance in case of any audit. certification. Additionally, organizations can get instant access to detailed reports when they need to review license and certification status.

Pre-Built Workflows

Certemys license application process is automated through pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. It has predefined templates and customizable form builders which save employers time and money by streamlining their workforce management processes.

Employers can use Certemys predefined templates to create customized workflows that adhere to their own internal license management policies. This helps them keep up with changing laws and regulations to improve employeesatisfaction and performance.

The essence

Certemy helps organisations stay ahead of regulatory compliance and avoid potential fines by being up-to-date with license requirements. The automated license verification solution significantly reduces the time and effort needed to manage rules and regulations, and helps organizations save costs and free up valuable personnel. Overall, Certemy is a proven, cost-effective way to manage nurse practitioner licensing and credentialing.


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