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As many organizations face increasing demands to verify employee qualifications, certifications, and licenses due to regulations or industry standards, Certemy offers for-profit businesses and government agencies an automated primary source Verification system for occupational licenses and certifications. Organizations across the United States have seen a vital need to keep up to date on the validity and status of their employees credentials. Now with Certemy, employers can easily access credential information, stay ahead of regulatory Compliance, track employee licenses in one single system, and save time and effort through automated processes.

Automated License Tracking and Verification

Certemy engine offers comprehensive primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications. In order to provide a secure, accurate, and customized license tracking system, Certemy follows a strict set of protocols in verifying credentialing credentials and credential renewal. This system checks for expired, revoked, or inactive certificates and licenses. Certemy also verifies titling, like Certified Lactation Counselor or nursing degree, ensuring employers have the most up to date and accurate employee information.

The automated process of Certemy ensures a comprehensive and continuous approach to credential maintenance with pre-built workflows to track license application processes, renewals, and ownership changes. This makes compliance easier and faster, since license tracking is automatically updated without the need for employer input. Organizations can also easily bifurcate licenses by their type, such as cosmetology, nursing, and dental, to simplify and organize the vast amount of data.

Improve Human Resource Visibility with Certemy

With Certemy, organizations have access to up-to-date employee data in one centralized system of record. All license, certification, and credential information are easily accessible and fully configurable to ensure you have the most complete view of your workforce compliance. Certemy also provides improved staff productivity and utilization as employers can take advantage of the automated process to improve the tracking of license applications and renewals.

Organizations also benefit from established standards for verifying licenses via unique identifiers and additional procedures to monitor credentials used in multiple locations. This helps companies ensure their licenses and credentials are always up to date, valid, and in compliance with regulations.

Easily Configurable License Verification System

Certemy is a flexible, secure platform that can easily adapt to clients? specific needs. It offers configurable systems, powerful analytics, and integrated communications capabilities to streamline and ensure timely renewals. Employers can access licenses and certifications in real-time to ensure they are always verified with the most up to date information.

Certemy also makes it easier to compare multiple license holders with Built-in Report Explorer tool. This allows organizations to have a direct connection to state databases with a comprehensive view of license renewals. This means that employers can easily reconcile different credentialing services for their employees and customers.

A Comprehensive Compliance Solution with Certemy

Certemy provides organizations of all sizes a comprehensive and customizable license tracking and compliance solution. It enables efficient, reliable, accurate primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications across the organization. With Certemys easy-to-use platform, employers have access to up-to-date employee credential information in addition to automated license tracking to ensure regulatory compliance.



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