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Maintaining the highest levels of compliance within healthcare organizations is a challenging task, given the changing regulatory requirements, tedious and reliable forms of primary source verification, and complex workflows for license management. Organizations struggle to keep up with increasingly tougher regulations, limited resources, and minimal oversight of active licenses. The challenge of managing a compliant workforce is compounded for Dermatology Nurse practitioners (DNPs).

DNPs have a specialized set of credentials that include a Nursing Licensure, Master?s Degree in Nursing, and extensive board certification that must be actively maintained to remain compliant. To reduce the administrative burden and cost of managing license compliance, healthcare organizations need to pursue an automated primary source license verification solution.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification helps healthcare organizations determine the validity of credentials and licenses and involves a ?real-time, point-in-time? verification from a reliable source. The process of primary source verification ensures the integrity of licensure information pertaining to all its Dermatology Nurse Practitioners. Healthcare organizations appreciate the critical process of primary source verification as it ensures the safety of patients and their trust in the organizations ability to provide the highest standard of care.

Moreover, most states have mandated primary source verification either through Joint Commission standards or state board of nursing regulations. To ensure compliance with these mandates and with other external licensing bodies, organizations need to have an adequate solution for primary source verification of licensing credentials.

Benefits of Automating Primary Source Verification

Implementing an automated primary source verification system can reduce the labor and time costs associated with managing and tracking licenses. Automation provides direct access to license verification information and aids in the streamlining of the primary source license verification process, promoting accuracy, simplifying processes, and allowing for overall more efficient performance.

In addition, automated license verification systems include easy-to-use workflows that enable organizations to remain compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Such systems have pre-built workflows which are customizable and ensures compliance with applicable regulations. Automation enables organizations to track real-time and prior license status among all of their Dermatology Nurse Practitioners.

Certemy as a Solution for Dermatology Nurse Practitioner License Verification

Certemy is a leader in license verification with its automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licensure and certifications across healthcare organizations. The system helps organizations maintain the highest levels of compliance while ensuring that their employees are actively updated, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. It is a trusted system by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Certemy provides healthcare organizations with an integrated system of record with real-time tracking and visibility of their employee licenses and credentials. The solution helps improve team productivity and overall visibility across the entire organization. It also leverages pre-built workflows which are customizable to automate license application processes.

The bottomline

Certemys automated primary source verification solution allows healthcare organizations to remain compliant with ever-changing regulatory requirements, minimize compliance risks, streamline their processes, and at the same time ensures the safety of patients due to active credentials of their Dermatology Nurse Practitioners. Automation is the key to ensuring a compliant workforce and with its real-time management capabilities and direct access to license verification, Certemy acts as the ideal primary source verification solution for healthcare organizations in need of simplifying their license compliance processes.


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