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One of the greatest challenges for landscape architects and other professionals in the design industry is staying up-to-date on licensure and certification requirements. The process of confirming a valid license can be time-consuming for organizations who are manually verifying employee credentials, with potentially relative inaccuracies due to the lack of real-time updates easily available. However, automation tools have been created to alleviate these concerns and provide organizations with visibility and control over their compliance programs.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, providing primary source verification for occupational licenses and certifications through an automated system. By subscribing to their program, businesses are able to increase the accuracy of their verification procedures exponentially, allowing the human resource department to become more efficient and productive. With real-time tracking of employee credentials, Certemy has become a trusted resource by large employers all around the United States.

By using the automation tools provided by Certemy, employers are able to maximize the utilization of their staff and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Their pre-built workflows allow for easy setup and full customization of license application processes, streamlining the process for HR teams. Additionally, Certemy enables organizations to track their employees licenses and certifications in a centralized system of record, allowing for improved visibility across the organization and better management of company data.

Organizations are also able to take advantage of Certemys analytics capabilities, which illuminates insights such as what percentage of employees are impacted by new regulations and highlights areas where an organization might experience license expiration issues. This historic data helps organizations more quickly and efficiently plan and manage their licensure process going forward, creating an even more streamlined process.

Not only does Certemy enable organizations to reduce the overall time spent on manually verifying employee licensure and certifications, organizations are able to mitigate risk and guarantee greater accuracy. Certemy helps to identify sanctions or disciplinary actions against license holders to ensure that HR teams are completely updated before making important decisions for their organizations.

The magnitude of tedious work spent on verifying employees credentials can be significantly reduced with Certemys automated license verification. With Certemy, organizations save time, improve staff utilization, and increase the accuracy of their compliance programs.


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