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For organizations, licensing is paramount to ensuring that your employees are properly credentialed and qualified to do their job. Ensuring compliance with occupational licensing regulations is a complex, albeit critical, task for HR operations to manage. Failing to properly track employee certifications and credentials can mean expensive fines, put your organization at risk of employee lawsuits, and even damage your reputation. Fortunately, there are license verification software solutions out there to streamline the process.

Certemy is one such occupational license tracking and primary source verification platform available. This comprehensive solution helps organizations automate the license application process, improve team productivity, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. By leveraging Certemys automated license tracking capabilities, organizations can have complete control and visibility over their entire workforce compliance program.

Certemys license verification technology is designed to help organizations verify employee licenses and credentials with primary source verification. This process helps to ensure that all employees are actively licensed and credentialed, appropriate licenses are renewed in a timely fashion, and that employees are free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. With Certemy, organizations can have real-time tracking of employees? licenses and credentials all in one system of record.

In addition to greater compliance, organizations that use Certemy can also save time and improve staff utilization, since the license application process is automated. As a result, your organization can become more efficient due to allocating staff to more critical tasks and eliminating tedious manual processes. what is more, Certemy also offers pre-built workflows designed to be fully configurable, giving companies the power to effortlessly automate the license application process.

For companies looking for a reliable and efficient solution to occupational licensing verification, Certemy is leading the way. Through their license tracking and primary source verification capabilities, Certemy brings added visibility and control to an otherwise daunting task. By leveraging Certemys automated processes, organizations can ensure their licenses and credentials remain current – an essential part of any successful compliance program.


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