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When it comes to managing a successful business, It is important to pay attention to the details. An underrated area of operation that is often overlooked is employee license and certification Verification. Employee certifications and licenses must be valid in order to protect both the business and the employee, and a reliable license verification platform is a great way to ensure this.

Enter Certemy, a leader in license verification technology that offers an automated primary source verification system to easily track and manage your employee certificates and licenses. Being able to automatically track your employees? credentials can help you stay ahead of regulatory Compliance, all while improving efficiency and data visibility across the business.

What is Licensing Verification?

License Verification is a vital operation for all businesses that employ personnel with certificates or licenses. Most healthcare-centric organizations are required by law to ensure that all personnel have up-to-date qualifications and licenses. By the same token, any business employing workers with certificates or licenses must verify that they are up-to-date and active.

License verification is also important for protecting the business, as some licenses can become invalid once the certificate or license holder changes place of employment. This ensures the employee has the correct qualifications for the position.

How Does Certemy Help?

Certemy makes license and certification verification easier and more efficient for businesses using their automated verification system. Their primary source verification tool validates and verifies occupational licenses and certifications from across your employees, ensuring that they are not only active but also free of any sanctions or disciplinary action.

Certemys platform provides not only real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials but also complete visibility and control of your compliance program. Companies can leverage Certemys pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to streamline the license application process.

In addition, the verified license is stored in a single system of record which improves productivity and visibility across organizations. Certemys digital solution eliminates the need for manual, paper-based processes and makes it easier to quickly audit any license upon request.

Benefits of Certemy for Businesses

Certemystreamlines the verification process of employee licenses and certifications while providing complete visibility of your workforce compliance program. With Certemy you have access to a single system of record where you can easily track and manage any license or certification.

Some key benefits of using Certemy include:

1. Automated license tracking and primary source verification

2. Streamlined license application process

3. Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials

4. Improved productivity and visibility across the organization

5. Validation of active licenses free of any sanctions or disciplinary action

Last ideas

Certemy makes compliance easy with an automated primary source verification system that ensures all employee credentials and certifications are active and up-to-date, all while improving visibility and efficiency across the workplace. Companies can leverage Certemys pre-built workflows to streamline license application processes and improve their compliance program.


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