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As a business that deals with licenses, certifications, credentials, and other documents verifying employees must meet certain qualifications, a compliance lead needs to ensure their workforce?s credentials are properly verified and kept up to date. To do this manually is a laborious and time-consuming process; however, the use of automated primary source verification technology can save large amounts of time and money while ensuring businesses remain compliant.

The team at Certemy, a leader in License Verification, has developed an automated primary source verification system that is trusted by large US employers. This system enables organizations to verify their employees? qualifications are up to date, active, and no disciplinary action has taken action against them. The certifications are tracked in real-time with the primary source verification system.

Time-Saving Automated Process

The process of verifying and managing licenses and certifications on a manual-basis requires a substantial amount of time. The time-consuming nature of manual processes not only negatively impacts staff productivity, but also puts businesses at risk of bosses failing to comply with regulations. Time is not a luxury that businesses have, so the use of an automated primary source verification system is preferential.

Certemy automated license tracking and primary source verification replaces manual processes and saves organizations a substantial amount of time. Through incorporating a pre-built workflow that is customizable, businesses can automate the license application process, track their employees? qualifications in one system of record, and ensure their workforce is consistently compliant with regulations.

The Ease of Visibility and Control

Once the Certemy automated system is adopted, businesses have complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. Bosses are able to keep track of when applications, license renewals, and other certifications and credentials need to be updated. Getting access to real-time tracking of worker qualifications allows organizations to view all employee information in one place, improving the visibility and quickly identify areas of concern.

Whether this is a small business or a large-scale corporation, thorough employee license tracking and verification plays a central and important role in risk mitigation. This critical task can be made much simpler and efficient with the automated primary source verification system from Certemy.

Closing ideas

An automated primary source verification system offers significant benefits for a business. Such an automated system from Certemysaves time, mitigates risk, and improves staff utilization. Complete visibility and control across the entire organization is possible with Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification. Pre-built customizable workflows help ensure employers are compliant while real-time tracking of credential records are available in one system of record. Organizations are able to monitor employee records, track renewal expirations, and generate reminders for when certifications need to be updated, all in one system.


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